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Empowering Your Business Through Practical Labour Relations and Human Resource Solutions.

As an outsourcing HR consultancy, we offer core HR services to help you deal with every element of employing to managing people.

Whether your business needs effective management of people issues, employee contracts, streamlined internal processes or HR legal obligations met, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes streamline their HR process. Request a call below to discuss how we can help you too.

Specialist HR Services With A Personal Touch

FIC Consulting works with businesses of all sizes whatever your budget. We have real business experience which makes us the ideal partner to help you with your HR needs. As business priorities can sometimes change daily, we will not tie you into long term contracts, but give you the flexibility and space you need to help your business grow. Whether it is one-off Labour Consulting and advice you need or long-term HR Outsourcing and Recruitment we are here to help.

Helping clients with Labour and HR solutions to ensure future sustainability

We Work with All Businesses Whatever Your Size
Affordable Flexible Solutions
Author of Several HR Resources

About Us

We’re a consulting firm working across market sectors to help businesses prosper. Clients approach us because we create responsive, innovative, and people-focused solutions. It is our aim to drive engagement and to support the achievement of our client’s goals.

Why us? Simple. We care about what our clients care about. We want to see our clients be successful and knowing that we played a part in their success is why we do what we do. We strive to develop a real and personal relationship that allows us to become more than just consultants but value-adding partners.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden extras or payment for capacity you don’t need. Just a straight forward quote adjusted to your needs.

Skilled in What We Do

We provide clients with the strategies and tools needed to implement sound workplace relations policies.


Adapt to Your Needs

Our services are designed so you can adapt it to your changing needs, with help from us if you need it. 



We operate under a strict confidentiality policy and take all of our clients information and data seriously.

Tiaan Dwyer | Owner | HR Specialist

If there is something I want you to know about me right away, it’s that I have a passion for business. I believe in the future of South Africa and that there are so many opportunities out there to be successful and to make a change to our economy.

I wanted to be part of that change by providing businesses with core HR Solutions that will not only result in legislative compliance but actually positively impact their bottom line.

Over the years I have gained practical HR experience working in various sectors such as mining, construction, financial services, and corporate legal. As a business owner myself, I can relate well to businesses and what their needs are.

People Strategy

Your HR strategy is vital to achieving business objectives and growth. It has the power to ensure employees are engaged and motivated, working towards the business’s goals. This is where FIC Consulting’s expertise is invaluable.



A key focus area for any business.  We use tested Talent Acquisition Strategies to find the talent you need saving you time and money.

HR Compliance & Labour

Two HR areas that go hand in hand.  We don’t just focus on the Labour issues itself but also look at the origin of the issue to avoid smilar situations from occuring in the future.

HR Services

Our expertise applies to all aspects of Labour relations and HR business solutions in South Africa, including policies and procedures, practical templates and forms, workplace relations and conciliation, mediation, workplace investigations and reports, general advice, codes of conduct, induction programs, compliance audits, and liaison, and more.

Outsourced HR Services

FIC Consulting provides a comprehensive and affordable outsourced HR service, designed and customised for our Client’s unique needs through service level agreements.

In delivering this service, FIC Consulting can be utilised either partially or on a retainer basis. Through this approach, FIC Consulting becomes the Client’s outsourced human resource department. The outsourced HR services are provided through one of the following options:

HR Monthly Service Package

FIC Consulting is placed in the client’s organization on a scalable, partial basis (for example, 1 day a week) in order to deliver a mutually agreed HR service. The nature and extent of the HR service are completely flexible and dependent on the needs of the Client.

Key Benefits

  • Clients can focus on core business activities and leave HR to us.
  • HR services are provided by a leading-edge service provider who is continually researching best practices in the field.
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduction in risk of non-compliance with labour laws
Policy & Procedure Templates

FIC Consulting has created up-to-date, user friendly, and customisable off the shelf Policies & Procedures that you can purchase and use right away.

Policy Products on offer

  • Safety, Health and Environmental Policy
  • Discrimination-Affirmative Action Policy
  • Harassment and Bullying Policy
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  • Leave Policy and Procedure – Sick Leave
  • Leave Policy and Procedure – Annual Leave
  • Leave Policy and Procedure – Family Responsibility Leave
  • Leave Policy and Procedure – Maternity Leave
  • Leave Policy and Procedure – Parental Leave
  • Grievance Policy and Procedure
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Disciplinary Appeal Procedure
  • Electronic communication and Security Policy
  • Social Media Policy

Key Benefit

  1. Ready to use right away
  2. Policies are reviewed every six months
  3. Ideal for exisiting businesses looking to update their HR Polices.
  4. Ideal for HR Professionals looking to expand their HR Toolkit.
HR Consulting Services

FIC Consulting is committed to integrating your HR strategy with your business strategy by providing professional core HR consulting services aimed at maximising your return on investment and reducing the risk of having human resources employed in the organisation.

Our consulting services are offered on an hourly basis offering a specialised and professional HR service to clients. This service provides specific solutions for specific problems or opportunities.

Service offerings

– HR Compliance

– Labour Consultation

– Dispute Resolution

– Disciplinary Enquiries

– Contracts of employment

– Recruitment and Selection Consulting and Placements

– Job Profiling/Job Descriptions


Key benefits:

  • Trustworthy advice from a seasoned HR professional
  • Convenience and peace of mind
  • Creative solutions from deep and broad experience
  • Value for money
Customised Training

FIC Consulting realises that some HR practices can be difficult to understand and implement. FIC Consulting is able to provide customised training for your business to ensure clarity and understanding.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces misunderstandings of HR Processes.
  • Ensures correct implementation of HR processes.
  • Improves consistency in application.
    Minimises business risks.
  • Saves time and money.

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If you’re looking to save money on running an in-house HR department, or to simply free your internal team up to focus on driving business growth, then we can offer you a complete outsourced HR Administration service. We will handle each and every day-to-day HR responsibility to cover the employee lifecycle from start to finish.

FIC Consulting will maintain the human resources system and supply services such as:

Data & Records, HR correspondence, Employment verification, Holiday administration, Paternity, maternity, adoption, and parental leave administration, Leave administration, Payroll and benefits administration

And much more …

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“I recently had the pleasure of using FIC CONSULTING, and Tiaan Dwyer. He is very professional and incredibly knowledgeable, and an absolute gentleman. He focuses on small/ medium businesses. As an owner of a small business trying to navigate staff issues and labour law is a nightmare.

Should you need assistance with anything labour related, please do not hesitate to contact him. 5 star service is what you will get. Thank you Tiaan for all your help.”

Lisa Klimke – Owner Second Chance clothing store

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