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A full-service HR Consultancy With a Personal Touch

We help businesses to recruit, manage, develop, and retain, great people. We build lasting relationships with our clients and deliver a truly customised HR consultancy service.

Specialist HR Services With A Personal Touch

Remain compliant

Get proactive updates on employment laws and regulations that may impact your business, so it’s easier to manage compliance.


Develop company and workplace policies

We are available to help you develop and update your employee handbook, including policies addressing employment-related laws.

Labour advice you can count on

Our team will assist you and your business by providing you with the appropriate advice and guidance in managing your labour issues including negotiations and strike management.

Simplify your hiring process

Get help identifying job candidates, applying effective hiring tactics, onboarding new hires, and retaining productive employees.


Get more done with targeted advice

Obtain essential assistance at any point in the employee life cycle, from interviewing and hiring to employee discipline and separation.

Strategic planning

FIC Consulting helps its clients reach their business goals. We provide unique strategic planning advisory and facilitation services to our clients.

HR Services

Our expertise applies to all aspects of Labour Relations and HR business solutions in South Africa, including Policies and Procedures, practical HR templates and forms, Workplace relations and Conciliation, workplace investigations and reports, general Advice, Codes of conduct, Induction programs, Compliance audits, and more.

We believe in solid business partnerships.  FIC Consulting partners with a team of highly skilled professionals who together deliver expert service and advice at a fraction of the price.

Labour Relations

The practice of labour law is not just about litigation and dispute resolution. Serving you best means understanding your business and helping to forestall disputes before they occur, through both a human and legal approach. Of course, you still get first-class representation when litigation is required, with a focus on winning.

Our labour law service can act on behalf of both the employee and employer, in either the public or private sector, while we will always strive to attain the fairest outcome, with as little stress in between as possible.

Including but not limited to:

– Advice on all labour-related matters

– CCMA, Bargaining Council representation

– Labour Court representation

– Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

– Dealing with Trade Union Matters

– Dispute Resolution

– Preparing parties for disciplinary hearings

– Retrenchment

– Industrial Action management

– Compilation of disciplinary warning documentation

– Compilation of disciplinary hearing documentation 

– Negotiating with bargaining councils

Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment and Selection is an important operation in Human Resources. It is designed to maximise employee strength in order to meet the employer’s strategic goals and objectives.

It is a process of sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and selecting the right candidates for the required vacant positions.

FIC Consulting will identify and recruit the most qualified candidates as well as set the standard for modern talent acquisition, offering the best solutions for every stage of your recruitment strategy.

We streamline your recruiting process and acquire the best talent.


HR Consulting

FIC Consulting is committed to integrating your HR strategy with your business strategy by providing professional core HR consulting services aimed at maximising your return on investment and reducing the risk of having human resources employed in the organisation.

Our consulting services are offered on an hourly basis offering a specialised and professional HR service to clients. This service provides specific solutions for specific problems or opportunities.

Service offerings

– HR Policies & Procedures for Labour Law compliance

– Remuneration Advice and Implementation

– Recruitment and Selection Consulting and Placements

– Onboarding

– Employee Development Advice and Implementation

– Performance Management

– Employee retention Advice and Implementation

Key benefits:

  • Trustworthy advice from a seasoned HR professional
  • Convenience and peace of mind
  • Creative solutions from deep and broad experience
  • Value for money
Payroll & Bookkeeping

Payroll management and administration can be complex and burdensome. There can also be extreme peaks and valleys of high and low activity which may mean one full-time payroll hire may not make the most financial or practical sense for your organisation.

Our payroll support is customised to meet your precise needs, which means you can leave the payroll to us and focus on the core needs of your business.

Payroll Services:

– Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payroll
– Electronic and printed payslips if required
– PAYE / SDL / UIF (EMP201) returns
– Monthly submissions to the Dep of Labour
– Application for tax directives
– Issuing of annual IRP5 / IT3a Certificates
– Annual online EMP501 reconciliations
– Submitting 3rd party returns
– Online claims, overtime, and leave
applications and payslips.

Bookkeeping Services:

– Sorting of source documents
– Recording and posting cash, credit, and sundry
transactions to the bookkeeping system
– Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Card,
– Bank and general ledger reconciliations
– Sending electronic statements to Customers
– Financial reporting
– VAT Reconciliation and Submissions
– Provisional and Annual tax submissions

Who We Help

Expert guidance and advice for all types of businesses regardless of size.


Established Businesses


HR Consulting

We help companies to simplify HR, reducing the administrative burden, and minimising their risk, with a flexible on-demand model. For the small to mid-sized business with little to no in-house HR expertise, we become your outsourced HR department – be it on an as-needed, on-call basis or a combination of on and off-site work.

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FIC Consulting’s business recruitment services are designed specifically to help established and growing companies recruit at a highly competitive level. We work closely with businesses supporting them with every step of the recruitment process, providing guidance throughout.

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Payroll & Bookkeeping

Payroll management and administration can be complex and burdensome. There can also be extreme peaks and valleys of high and low activity which may mean one full-time payroll hire may not make the most financial or practical sense for your organisation. Our payroll support is customised to meet your precise needs, which means you can leave the payroll to us and focus on the core needs of your business.

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FIC Consulting Fee Packages

Our experienced team delivers expert advice, customized to meet your specific needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re benefiting from industry-leading, practical, and cost-effective HR advice.

Fixed-Fee Projects

We help clients address their high priority HR requirements. Get the right solutions quickly, avoid costly mistakes, and focus on revenue-generating activities with our fixed-fee solutions.

HR Retainer

If your company requires ongoing HR services, our HR Retainer option is cost-effective, flexible, and reliable, and provides you peace of mind, knowing your HR needs are always taken care of.

For a fixed monthly fee, your business receives human resources development and management expertise, ranging from advice on day-to-day maintenance issues to senior-level strategy. 

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What Some Clients Say

“I have called on the expertise of Tiaan Dwyer on numerous occasions with any matter related to HR. As a small business, I find him to be highly proficient, well-priced, and professional. I would not hesitate to call on him for future matters and as such can highly recommend him to any other business that is concerned with being compliant and ensuring their employees and company are safeguarded.”

Shirley Le Roux: Managing Director – Business TravelTech

Tiaan Dwyer | Owner | HR Specialist

If there is something I want you to know about me right away, it’s that I have a passion for supporting business owners. I believe in the future of South Africa and that there are so many opportunities out there to be successful and to make a change to our economy.

I want to be part of that change by providing businesses with core HR and Labour Solutions that will not only result in legislative compliance but actually positively impact their bottom line.

Over the years I have gained specialist HR experience working in various sectors within healthcare, earthmoving, manufacturing, mining, finance, to catering/restaurants industries. As a business owner myself, I can relate well to businesses and what their needs are.

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“I recently had the pleasure of using FIC CONSULTING, and Tiaan Dwyer. He is very professional and incredibly knowledgeable, and an absolute gentleman. He focuses on small/ medium businesses. As an owner of a small business trying to navigate staff issues and labour law is a nightmare.

Should you need assistance with anything labour related, please do not hesitate to contact him. 5 star service is what you will get. Thank you Tiaan for all your help.”

Lisa Klimke – Owner Second Chance Clothing store

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