HR Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Build your best workforce, watch them grow and be more productive, and maintain compliance while streamlining your HR processes.

Helping Manufacturing Companies Successfully Manage Their HR Practices






Outsourcing HR Gives Manufacturing Companies a Competitive Edge

Trying to manage and control HR operations across multiple manufacturing sites, through outdated and paper-based systems may not only be costing your business money, but it may also be negatively impacting the productivity, morale, and efficiency of your workforce. While you are focusing on creating a safe environment for staff, with high-quality output solutions, HR compliance still needs to be adhered to at all times to comply with the law and regulations, as well as to keep your staff motivated, healthy, and productive.

Contractors facing tough workforce conditions, with HR systems that hinder them, are sometimes not sure where to turn to help. But instead of employing a full in-house HR department to manage things like contracts, dispute resolution, temp assignments, labour law compliance, and workplace safety, many manufacturing companies are choosing to outsource these functions to a specialised company that deals with these matters on a daily basis, such as FIC Consulting.

At FICC, we take all the HR-related headaches away from you so you can remain compliant, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Complete HR Services for Manufacturing Companies


Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organisation


Preparing or updating employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating


Manage the recruitment and selection process


Informing job applicants of job duties, responsibilities, benefits, schedules, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc.


Administering on-the-job training programs


Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy


Explaining human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards to new and existing employees


Manage risk by being compliant with South Africa labour laws and recommendations.


Addressing any employment relations issues, such as work complaints and harassment allegations


Performing job evaluations and job analyses

Providing A Solid Foundation For Manufacturing Companies to Grow

While HR services may not seem essential to the overall health of your manufacturing company, your staff, contractors, and systems will greatly benefit from streamlined hr input. We’ve experienced transforming business from the ground up that had outdated policies and procedures, only to thrive once new systems and policies were in place. Our HR services for manufacturing companies experience many advantages when working with us. Our goal is for you to enjoy improved HR services at a reduced liability and cost while maintaining high-quality outputs and ensuring you remain compliant. With many years in the HR industry, we are certain we can support you with the HR services that you require for one of your manufacturing sites or many of them.

Tiaan Dwyer | Owner | HR Specialist

If there is something I want you to know about me right away, it’s that I have a passion for supporting business owners. I believe in the future of South Africa and that there are so many opportunities out there to be successful and to make a change to our economy.

I want to be part of that change by providing businesses with core HR and Labour Solutions that will not only result in legislative compliance but actually positively impact their bottom line.

Over the years I have gained specialist HR experience working in various sectors within healthcare, earthmoving, manufacturing, mining, finance, to catering/restaurants industries. As a business owner myself, I can relate well to businesses and what their needs are.

The FIC Consulting Difference

We at FIC Consulting understand every industry is unique and can have different demands. No matter what you need to grow your construction business and get the most out of it, we have the HR Experts to support you in your business. Get HR expertise, technology, and access benefits for the growth of the business.