HR Solutions for Non – Profits

The needs of non-profits are often unique, and funding not always reliable or consistent throughout the calendar year. We can work with your team to identify and prioritize your complete HR needs. 

Find Talented People

Powerful talent management solutions that help you find, nurture and retain the very best people


Manage Employee Records

Up-to-date and accurate records of employees’ certifications and credentials

The Right Training

Onboarding training experiences to help your new employees engage with your organization and its mission

Providing A Solid Foundation For Non-Profits to Grow

Small and tight budgets typically require staff members to fill multiple roles and have many responsibilities, sometimes learning as they go. Unfortunately, the inefficiency and mistakes that go along with minimal training and skills, can have a large impact on a non-profit’s financial health.

Outsourcing human resources to a dedicated company that understand the Not-for-profit environment allows you to make the most of your people and capital. HR outsourcing provides Not-for-profit organisations access to experts across the human resources spectrum, from recruiting and staffing to training and compliance. We provide an objective perspective and a broad spectrum of experience in your industry. As a result, we can identify opportunities for savings and operational efficiencies by streamlining procedures and maintaining best practices.

The FIC Consulting Difference

We at FIC Consulting understand every industry is unique and can have different demands. No matter what you need to grow your business and get the most out of it, we have the HR Experts to support you in your business. Get HR expertise, technology, payroll, and access benefits for the growth of the business.

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“I recently had the pleasure of using FIC CONSULTING, and Tiaan Dwyer. He is very professional and incredibly knowledgeable, and an absolute gentleman. He focuses on small/ medium businesses. As an owner of a small business trying to navigate staff issues and labour law is a nightmare.

Should you need assistance with anything labour related, please do not hesitate to contact him. 5 star service is what you will get. Thank you Tiaan for all your help.”

Lisa Klimke – Owner Second Chance Clothing store

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